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It's me, hi.

After several years in the industry, I decided it was time to make my own mark on events and weddings! I began working at Pinnacle Golf Club as a banquet server for three years, working every event from small corporate meetings to holiday parties, to 350+ guest weddings. I wanted to take on more responsibility for actual planning, so moving to Grand Oaks Event Center in 2014 helped to teach me the ins and outs of detailing and booking brides. All while attending Ohio State University and studying Early Childhood Education, I decided that the events industry was a better fit. I worked with Columbus Bride and Groom for a summer, helping to build my networking web and assisting friends in planning and coordination of weddings for their own companies, there was no reason with my experience that I couldn't do it on my own! Confetti Season Event Design was my original company, and in 2022, Lavender Haze Wedding Co. is the prize I have awarded myself for learning the industry inside and out and creating personal connections within the Columbus events community. I look forward to meeting you and learning your love story!

Holly Williams

Owner and Lead Planner

"I don't want to dance, if I'm not dancing with you"

Coordinators and Setup Crew


Full Service Planner

With LHWC Since 2021


Day of Coordinator

With LHWC Since 2022


Day of Coordinator

With LHWC Since Spring 2023


Day of Coordinator

With LHWC Since Fall 2023

We also offer a setup crew of 2-5 experienced staff members to assist in the setup on your wedding day if needed. These crew members are moms from around our area who have creative flair and an eye for detail. They are eager to assist with bringing your big day to life!


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